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Saving Voicemails

Posted by ataylorblog on October 15, 2010

If you are like me, you probably have found yourself having to go through old emails & voicemails that, when you opened/listened to them for the first time, you felt the need to keep them instead of immediately pressing the delete button.  On too many occasions, I’ve found my “mail file” limit to have been exceeded & my voicemail box “full”.  When I have some spare time, I usually find it pretty easy to go through emails & delete useless messages and responses at warp speed, but for some reason…I just can’t let go of some voicemails that bring a smile to my face when I listen to them.

For the last several months, my voicemail box has been dangerously close to being full.  If you’ve called me during this time, you inevitably have encountered that dreaded message denying you the opportunity to leave me what probably was a very important message.  I guess you could say I’d been “hoarding” messages.  (I haven’t watched the show Hoarders yet, but seems like an appropriate analogy).

Well, no worries.  I am not a hoarder & have no problem giving away things I don’t use, but when it comes to voicemails, I’ve found deleting prized voicemails an unexpected challenge.  Nearly every time I check my voicemail messages, I hear the threatening tone of the automated voice suggesting (strongly suggesting I might add) that I erase some messages to make room for new messages.

And from time to time, I have to spend an extra five minutes checking my new messages because before I can actually listen to the new ones, I must go through the 15 old messages I have saved…but saved for good reason.  Which definitely wears on my patience on many occasions.

I’ve even gone through periods where I have consciously forced myself to simply hit the “7” button on the phone to erase that 15 second message forever while saving space for more messages.  I mean, sometimes there are legitimate reasons why we have no alternative but to save a message, right?

Typically, we save messages because we are driving & can’t write down the numbers or want to replay the message later for more clarification.  Am I alone in this or do you guys agree with me on this?

Well, while I definitely have saved messages for that reason, it’s easy to come back & delete them at the first opportunity I get.  No need to save them.  However, there are some messages that I can’t bring myself to erase.

Yes, I am guilty of hoarding these messages.  Which messages you ask (play along with me here folks…just humor me even if you don’t care about my need to tell the world I have a problem with saving voicemails).  Which messages?  I have found myself saving those messages that make me smile.  Most of which are from my mother or some of my closest friends.  I have a feeling you do the same thing too.

For me, nothing warms my heart more than hearing my mother’s excited voice telling me about a college senior that we need to add to our watch list, about her plans for the weekend, or about something that she bought for herself at the store (it was only recently when I finally convinced my mom that she didn’t need to buy me stuff anymore…well, not every time).

Now you should know that my mother calls me every day.  Multiple times every day.  At least first thing in the morning when she arrives at work and in the evening when she gets home.  Depending on what’s going on during the day, there may be various calls throughout the day as well.  That’s when her calls may be met by my voicemail and that’s when she does her best work, LOL!!

I’d been planning to somehow record her messages so that I could keep them forever, and it is definitely time for me to clear my inbox.  Tonight, I finally downloaded some software that allowed me to save the audio files.  Now I can listen to them whenever I want AND keep my mailbox empty.  Hallelujah!!!

Before I saved them, I took a moment today to go back & listen to all of the messages.  Here’s a sampling of the 15 saved messages from my mom:

1.  A message from my mom who, upon arriving at school early one cold December morning to a dark & icy parking lot, was greeted by another teacher who helped her walk to the building so that she wouldn’t slip & fall.  She was so touched by this gesture that she had to let me know how much it meant to her.

2.  A message from my mom asking me to call the league office & let them know that the officials are letting other teams be too rough on Tamika Catchings (one of her favorite players).  Note: She reserved her complaints about the officiating of Mystics/Lynx games for our live conversations.

3.  A message this winter in which my mom asked me to thank Katie Smith for signing with the Mystics!

4.  A message about upcoming must-see TV programming.  One of the many messages she leaves informing me what’s on Oprah.  In this particular message (which you can listen to here), mom comments on the fact that the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, doesn’t wear pantyhose (which is something that I do that incessantly frustrates her).

5.  And finally, one of many messages my mother leaves after a Mystics game once she found the score on NBATV or on the ESPN ticker.  Check this one out!

Despite the inconvenience it may have caused.  I am so glad that I saved these messages & wish I would have taken the time to record many of the other messages she has left me over the years.

Sometimes in this fast moving world we live in, we don’t take a moment to stop & smell the roses (or in this case listen to those we love).  But, we will all be better off if we take the time to actually talk & listen to one another as opposed to communicating via 140 characters in a text or tweet.  Treasure these gifts that you have.

With that, I will leave you with one last message from my mom (hope she is ok with me broadcasting her voicemails to the world, uh oh)….as you can tell from this message, she is always teaching! Enjoy this one too! I definitely wouldn’t have known it was Dr. Seuss Day…good thing for moms!!

Many Blessings “From A to T”,


4 Responses to “Saving Voicemails”

  1. Mia said

    Very fun post. But Angela, you should know that Moms always need to buy you things (just ask my daughter Taylor who put the Wonder Woman cup I just sent her on her desk.) We just think of things you don’t know you need yet.

  2. Tom said

    Angela. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this blog posting and I’m keeping up on your Tweets.

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